Porkbun Illustrations & UI



The challenge

Porkbun.com is a revolutionary domain company with the hopes of establishing a refreshing new way to manage and host domains. The market is currently saturated with companies that are out to out-dirtbag each other. Porkbun believes in a no-markup, no-add-on policy. 

The challenge is how to communicate this refreshing brand in an industry that is full of rival companies that have been around since the dawn of the internet. A secondary challenge was the use of pig imagery and the unintended controversy among certain religious and dietary groups.

The Solution

Meet Porkbun! By creating illustrations that capture the fun and vibrant energy that Porkbun brings to the industry, we were able to control the narrative and public perception. Porkbun.com is now represented by Porkbun, the pig.



Top level domains

The creation of the illustrated Porkbun was so successful that we decided to create one for each individual TLD. The first batch of these was given the the shareholders at a global conference where they were so impressed with the attention to detail and dedication that they signed off for Prokbun’s Registry’s Registrar platform, which allows each registry to promote and sell their product directly through Porkbun and gives them the tools to do so without needing to go through the sales team.


Supplemental Images & Icons