Porkbun Ambassador Program creation




Porkbun — one of the best-rated registrars — is known for its transparent and fun attitude toward its customers’ experience. The ambassador program was born out of the feedback we received from customers, especially those customers who kept telling their friends about the Porkbun services.

I was directly responsible for the program's development, overseeing the back-end development, creating the business plan and strategy, and personally reaching out to our initial ambassador candidates. I also designed the look and feel and created all the collateral to supplement the program aesthetic.

Along with the personal communication and outreach, I worked closely with influencers and developed a social media campaign that helped automate the longevity of the program.

I also worked with our customer service department to learn from our customers and improve the experience, and to monitor fraud and sales on the platform.


Logo Design


Communications Strategy

We reached out to ambassadors we had already selected with personal emails and phone calls. This was a small test group. Once the program was live, ambassadors were reached through direct mail efforts. Ambassadors already established in the program were encouraged to tell their friends about the program. They received a thank-you direct mail kit that included t-shirts, notebooks and stickers to ensure they were part of the team.