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Pella Architect SEries Reserve Product Launch



In 2017, Pella launched its premium collection of products. As we conceptualized, designed and launched this campaign, we were met with various challenges. Each time I was able to build on the idea and successfully create Pella's most successful launch in history.




Architects want beautiful elements that enhance their design and elevate the aesthetic of their work. But in today’s market, they know there is more at stake. They need meaningful beauty — style and substance — that adds modern conveniences and unique touches to the final design. 

The challenge then becomes how to communicate that Pella is dedicated to meeting the needs of the most visionary and demanding architects and custom builders. With the expansion of the Architect Series® offering — now including Architect Series Reserve™ and the contemporary products — Pella can better respond to the design requirements that elevate their work.


The Big Idea

The practice of architecture is the most complicated of all the arts. It requires creativity, a clear vision, knowledge of structures and engineering; and bringing together all of these facets to create something original and personal.

We are driven by the belief that every creator has a unique point of view.


The Case Study


User experience map


Visual Identity Guide


premium photography

A work of art

Coinciding with this launch, we established a new Pella visual identity. Displaying the product as a work of art enabled us to capture the magnificent craftsmanship of these products by showcasing the exquisite details. Each beauty shot was hand-selected to reflect this aesthetic. Whether historical, traditional or contemporary, each home bears an understanding of beauty and refinement. Following suit with the products themselves, the stunning selection of new hardware was photographed as mood boards to create an artistic aesthetic.


Landing PAge & User Experience

An experience built for architects & designers.

The full scope of content was made available on the landing page. Architects are able to shop for the product by accessing the Pella B2B site and finding the Reserve product.

While exploring the Architect Stories and product background, architects and builders are able to take a closer look at the details that make the product line a Pella Legacy, and finish off their experience with the hardware collection.


direct mail

"The best is yet to come"

Pella identified top-tier architects that became the recipients of the direct mail campaign:

First architects received an easel with detail shots of the new works of arts that would soon be available. After that Pella encouraged architects to create their own works of arts with a set of drafting supplies, complete with pencils and a Pella branded pouch. These works of arts could proudly be displayed on their easel. Once we were ready to launch the product, the architects received a calendar featuring inspirational projects from all three of the new offerings. Lastly, for the launch of Pella Reserve, we mailed the architects a premium black mug and pour over, and a bag of Pella Reserve coffee beans. 

Architects were delighted to get their easels, photography, and drawing kits and began sending photos to their sales rep, or posting on social media. Architects whose needs weren't being met by the competition switched back to Pella. 


Architect Stories

Creating content

To demonstrate Pella’s support of architects, we leveraged some of Pella’s top-tier partners in a design-centric video series. Featured on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and the Architect Series® | The Collection landing page, these videos captured a superb reach with outstanding results — generating a lot of engagement.


pella premium media and sales tools

Pella Premium 2

Print Ad

Award: Architect Record Print Ad Award

To create awareness and drive consideration of Architect Series | The Collection, the team leveraged interactive and disruptive executions by engaging with content. One of the true heroes of the media campaign was the Advertorial. Utilizing our architects and telling their compelling stories shed light on the diversity of products being launched. After seeing that story, the reader was then transitioned to the product with a stunning print ad sitting to the right of the article.

The ad has a simple image, with the messaging of looking back into time, but looking forward with modern conveniences. The window draws you into the conversation in the headline and text. Making it an artifact or a piece of art on its own is very effective but not often done.
— Architect Record

Product Books

To get the market talking about these products, the Pella sales representatives were thrust to the front lines. Armed with literature, look books and other promotional and communication materials, they were charged with stirring anticipation, maintaining relationships with architects and custom home builders and sharing information regarding the product launch.



Product Video

The Architect Series product video leveraged historical authenticity and Pella’s own Allan Picket, revolving around architects’ need for customization. While it was necessary to address the product features, the team also used this platform to discuss how architects can achieve their design vision with these windows and doors.


AIA Conference on Architecture 2017

Awards: Architect Record Print Ad Award for bold headline, AIA Honorable Mention for Best Large Booth


To debut this collection, Pella sponsored two booths at the 2017 AIA Conference on Architecture in Orlando, Florida. For the first time, architects, home builders and designers would be able to physically interact with this product and speak directly with sales representatives.

Windows were displayed in situational settings to highlight the best features of each product style. Guests could also interact with Pella’s new hardware collections that were elegantly placed on the back wall of the space.

Showcasing the premium nature of the new products, the audience was treated to a luxurious experience in the Pella VIP Lounge — where they could relax throughout the event, listen to a speaker, sip cocktails and have one-on-one conversations with their representatives.

Promoting this appearance months in advance, we generated social media and PR buzz through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In, created personal direct mail invites for our VIP guests and kept in contact via email. To wrap up, this audience received a follow-up email with a video of the event as another reminder of the VIP experience they received from Pella.


Client | Pella Windows & Doors
Agency | The Integer Group
Awards | AMA Innovation Awards Best of Category Direct Marketing, AMA Innovation Awards Best of Category Interactive Marketing, AMA Innovation Awards Second Place Integrated Campaign, American Advertising Awards Gold Integrated Campaign, American Advertising Awards Gold Video Series, American Advertising Awards Silver Photography, Architect Record Best Print Ad, AIA Honorable Mention for Best Large Booth