Logos & Marks



República de Honduras • 193 Años

The national government approached us about designing a logo to celebrate the 193rd independence of the Republic of Honduras. This logo was also meant to celebrate the end of the political turmoil that haunted Honduras and its people in the years leading up to this. 

In designing the logo, I wanted to think outside the box and propose an option that was more abstract than anything we've seen before. I aimed to celebrate the life, energy and culture of our people and our country. The guacamaya has been a powerful national symbol in the past, but I wanted to bring it into a new generation. 

The government's marketing team loved this logo so much that it was used for an entire year, not just for the independence celebrations. It was plastered around the city, in bumper stickers, billboards and signs. The Honduran presidency continued to use the type treatment as the official type treatment of this government. 

Client | The Republic of Honduras
Agency | Ogilvy & Mather